Last Thoughts

This Winter Term, has shaped me and taught me many valuable personal lessons. I have encountered people and places I never thought were possible. I ventured to the wrong part of town and was able to navigate my way back to the hotel we were living at.I found that people in England base relationships on intelligence and not looks. In England, I found myself and the person that I want to become. I want to be a succesful, intelligent woman, who is loved and respected for her brain and not body. I love the life that England has to offer and the places that I have yet to encounter and discover there. It was truly a life changing experience. Thank you!!

Salisbury Cathedral and Stonehenge

We visited today the Salisbury Cathedral and Stonehenge. They were both intimidating. I was in awe at the fact that people thousands of years ago built this Cathedral by only pulling the stones from an area approximlty 10 miles away during the four dry months of the year. It was amazing to be inside it and see the hanging angels and the construction going on inside it. There were various small prayer rooms and our tour guide gave us an overflow of information.

Stonehenge was incredible. It was amazing to be there and see one of the seven wonders of the world!! It had an amazing energy and flow about it, probably from all those years ago when people came to worship the solstice or whatever it was they had done there years and years ago. It was like walking through a movie, I was actually there!!

Exeter Adventures

Exeter was a small quaint little town that I did not enjoy as much as London. It has a different small town feel to it, but is perfect for college students to wander about in. There is a market every morning that sells local produce and a shopping center on High Street with all the great English and American shops that a girl could need! Clubs and bars of course, like anywhere else in England are on almost every block and fun can be found anywhere in Exeter, one just needs to know here to look.

St. Peter’s Cathedral made for a good day time tour and during the eveing TimePiece and Arena are local bars that the college students frequent. We also went to the Eden Project as a class and it was amazing to see the biodomes and learn the financial aspect of it. I enjoyed it very much.

Whitehall Banquet House


Whitehall was exquisite. I couldn’t believe my eyes at the paintings on the ceilings, it was incredible. I lay down on the couches on the sides of the banquet hall and looked up at the cielings. It was amazing to think that years ago, someone was able to put together an idea for each picture and have his students and volunteers paint and put them together on sepeerate panels and then eventually glue them to the top of the ceiling in the banquet hall at Whitehall. It was awesome!!!

Markets on Weekends

During the weekends I frequented local markets, such as the Portobello Market, the Camden Stables Market and even Spitalfields Market. I got to see more of a local atmosphere at the markets and was able to talk to folks from smaller towns that were outside of London instead of constantly talking with those who are in London and hearing big town views. The differing views on the financial crisis, Parliament, and everyday life was very interesting.

Tate Modern

On my day off I went and visited the Tate Modern Museum and The Gherkin to see where my Aunt works. The Tate, was spectacular. I spent a little over 3 hours in there just wandering around and looking at the pieces inside it. I sat in front of an Asger Jorn piece for at least 20 minutes, finding the meaning of the piece and the love that he shows in each of his pieces. This was one of my favorites in the Tate:

The Gherkin had an amazing view. I ate lunch with my Aunt on the 34th floor, which was the top floor and I could see all of London in any way that I looked. I loved it!! It is one of the financial centers in London and was amazing to be in and tour around. Again, like most places I went to in London there was “no flash photography” inside. hehe

Imperial War Museum

There were many exhibitions in the Museum here, the one I was most focused on was the depiction of the concetration camp, Auschwitz. It was scary to see how someone was able to attain so much power and leadership.

British Museum

The Rosetta Stone was here and it was amazing to see, just a few feet away from my outstretched hand in a glass enclosed case. All the beginnings of civilisation and languages started with this one stone. Imagine, people during war time stopped becausee they knew that this had to have some significance and here we are thousands of years later looking at it in awe. The rest of the museum was amazing as well with various different exhibitions depicting various styles of women and their jewlery that they wore during various ceremonys and as well as different Egyptian heads and scultptures.

Random Pictures of London